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Wine Cellar Ideas

Posted by Joe
October 04, 2012

Wine Cellar Ideas

If you can do something more than a just wine rack in the kitchen to store your favorite beverage, go all out. From rustic, stunning old world style cellars to neon (yes, neon) wine racks, you’ll want to spend just as much time in these spaces as your prized wine collection gets to. It can be a great attraction for dinner guests and parties, or simply put a smile on your face as you grab a bottle after a long day at work. Even if you don’t have the space for a dedicate wine cellar, any of these design themes can be tailored to a nook or even a simple rack for a decorative flair!

Wine Cellar Ideas

Reminiscent of actual wine cellars from back in the day, this space includes a storage-heavy wine cabinet as well as ample seating. And this is where this wine cellar design excels: from the use of a barrel as a table, to mimicking the same design in the chairs (notice the lines and metal binding); everything is cohesive and very wine friendly without being overly kitschy.

Wine Cellar Ideas


Wine Cellar Ideas

Classic, warm, and decadent, the glass doorways to this wine cellar make the space a design feature in the rest of the home as well, rather than just a separate, well-decorated space. Stone mixed with wood, especially light and dark, works well when the tone (here it’s warm) matches. A built-in table for tastings and a single, beautiful piece of artwork finish this wine cellar design off.

Wine Cellar Ideas


Wine Cellar Ideas

Neon and wine cellar aren’t something you see every day, yet it works perfectly here. Mimicking old Tuscan style archways while still including very modern touches balances the old with new, and still leaves plenty of room for a pretty substantive wine collection.


Another modern style space, this specific wine cabinet allows you to display the bottles themselves, rather than simply providing storage; thus, the rack becomes the design focal point. To warm it up, wood floors and ceilings coupled with a stone background, all encompassed by a glass door, brings balance to the space.


We love when wine cellars are made a part of the home, rather than locked away in a, well, cellar. A beautiful arched door leads into the space, while the difference between the two floors sets everything off. It has plenty of wine racks while still incorporating a specific cabinet to display the most prized bottles front-and-center.


This wine cellar design takes a small space and uses it to its advantage. A built-in cabinet for wine glasses and displaying the most beautiful or used bottles on open shelving, coupled with tall racks that keep the floor space open truly melds form and function. And that stone wall is killer!


If you want and can go all out, you’ll be hard pressed to go beyond this. The beam work, the fog, and the waterfall make the entrance to this wine cellar just as stunning as the space itself. Utilizing natural light as well as warmer, indoor lighting, creates contrast, and you’ll want to meander down to this wine cellar several times a day just to relax in the entrance!

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